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Intruder Alarm - Remote Monitoring

The installation of a security system within your home or business, with monitored remote signalling, ensures protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If an activation on the system occurs, either you or a nominated key holder will be informed immediately.

CAMDAR Security Solutions offer this 24-hour remote monitoring service for the remote signalling systems we install and maintain.
Our ARC (alarm receiving centre), is Southern and Northern Monitoring, the largest independent ARC service and largest independent RVRC service in the UK, monitoring over 1,500 alarm installers’ systems.

The signalling units we install range from basic digital communicators through to ultra-secure dual path systems. Following a site survey and consultation, we will recommend the best system for you depending on your premises, budget, and requirements.

CSL Dual Com Digi Air is a great option for when there is no phone line available as it signals over a mobile network.

BT RedCare GSM is ideal for properties at higher risk as the phone line is monitored and if the line is cut or fails an alert is sent to the alarm receiving centre, but it continues to send messages over a mobile network.

CAMDARs fully qualified engineers will install your recommended alarm system and fit the communication device, either inside the alarm panel or on a separate power supply. The alarm communicator is capable of sending a coded message for many activation's or faults.

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